Research Training Group Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport

About Us

The research training group “Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport: From Fundamentals to Applications” (RTG 2948) explores how ions and electrons interact with each other in organic, hybrid and nanoscale materials.


Our aim is to create and understand mixed ionic-electronic conductors with new functionalities for sensors, soft actuators and bioelectronics. We are investigating the fundamental nature of ionic-electronic interactions in organic, hybrid and nanoscale materials and their impact on optical, electronic and mechanical properties with a wide range of experimental techniques as well as modelling from the atomistic level to the macroscale.

Heidelberg - Stuttgart

Heidelberg University and the University of Stuttgart are proud to collaborate in this joined research programme.


This Research Training Group brings together researchers from chemistry, physics and engineering who come from 7 different countries to tackle the emerging and interdisciplinary topic of mixed ionic-electronic transport.