About UsQualification program

The goal of this doctoral training programme is to equip all participants with the skills and experiences required for successful careers in research and industry. The corresponding competences are summarized under the terms Research skills, Transferable Skills, Communication & Exchange, and Learning by Teaching. They form the four core themes of the qualification programme.

In addition to gaining deep knowledge in a specific field of research (see projects), training in general research competences such as good scientific practice, data management, literature search, data visualization, and scientific writing will be provided in collaboration with the Graduate Academy at Heidelberg University and GRADUS at the University of Stuttgart. Small incubator project will further enable early scientific independence. 

Communication and exchange of research results is vital. The RTG will enable doctoral researchers from different scientific backgrounds to communicate effectively and clearly across disciplines (with each other/with other researchers) and with non-experts (the public) through hands-on practice at joint workshops, participating in and organizing conferences and various outreach events.


Overview sketch of the RTG qualification programme

To actively involve doctoral researchers in intergenerational knowledge transfer, the RTG will promote learning by teaching through peer lectures and supervision of undergraduate students.